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Date : March 24, 2016
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I finally did it, I participated in my first hackathon. A print and packaging designer at heart, I have always been curious exploring the user experience and interface design territory.

Having no experience in the field was okay, in fact, it’s encouraged. This was a Protohack event (http://protohack.org), a hackathon for those who are in design or business with no coding or programming background. Protohack is a 12-hour event where a team must develop an idea into a business model and prototype, and then sell it to the panel of judges in 90 seconds at the end of the night. The top teams are selected move on and have the opportunity to elaborate on their idea to the judges.


The QuickFix team polishing up the graphics and prepping for the big pitch

Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we did receive a lot of positive comments from our peers and mentors. It was an amazing experience, but most of all, going through this process allowed me to learn more of the business side as well as appreciate the value of UX design.

The app we developed is called QuickFix, literally Uber for Handymen (people). QuickFix allows users to find contractors for smaller, immediately needed home repairs such as a clogged pipe or perhaps you’re locked out. I took on the role as a visual designer, to develop the branding and look and feel of the app. Fortunately, there was a UX designer on our team to really help sort out the interface and flow. We were able to develop a prototype using InVision (https://www.invisionapp.com)

Check out the results of our labour below:

Quickfix-01 Quickfix-02 Quickfix-03

We even developed the Partner app for contractors:


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