Herschel Bags: Branding without a Logo

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Date : April 2, 2015
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Recognize this leather accessory detail? They are most commonly found on the heritage backpack brand, Herschel. It is a Canadian-based brand that designs and sell vintage-style packs for casual and recreational purposes.

So what purpose does that that diamond-shaped leather patch serve? Also known as “pig snouts” (yes, they have a name), they are devices that allow you to tie on additional items such as a smaller pack or a pair of shoes. However, these are purely for aesthetic reasons and I wouldn’t recommend using them for this purpose.

herschel-4bagsThe observation of this single detail led to a thought on how a successful brand is able to connect to it far beyond its logo, or even its products or services.

In the context of branding, the black and white Herschel patch on their best selling style is not the first visual that catches your eye: it’s the pig snout. It is astonishing that a company can claim such a minute detail. This feature not proprietary, as the several other bag brands have them as well, yet when I see it, I am to believe it is a Herschel bag first. It is a great example of a powerful visual device that certainly drives awareness for the brand without claiming ownership of the actual device or have any practical value.


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